What Am I Thinking?

So today’s the day I start a blog…

That was all I was going to post, but I figure I should make it seem more interesting.

Well, Christmas just happened. Every year my husband and I talk about not buying too much for the kids. We tell their grandparents, “They don’t need anything.” But every year they over buy and so do we. So tomorrow I am taking off work to clean up the aftermath of household destruction. We only had to throw away two toys so far.

The first toy we had to pitch was a vanity that my mother (you’ll probably read a lot about that crazy woman) gave her. She said, “I didn’t want to put it together at my house because it will be too big to fit in the van to take home.” ¬†That was a nice gesture.

On Christmas morning, I get out my favorite screw driver from the dollar store to put it together. I thought the box look a little small. I open it all up to find that the vanity is for DOLLS. It was 18 inches tall and 11 inches wide. The stool was only 6 inches.  Although my daughter is only 2 years old. I think it was just a little too tiny for her!

She thought that it was a chair. So she sat on it and it broke! It literally lasted 5 minutes.

Send toy thrown out was also from my mother and father. They purchased 2 “soft dart” guns for my 4 year old son. Within 15 minutes my daughter was shot in the face. And believe me it hurts. My husband shot me the full 3 rounds before turning them over to the boy.

I asked both my parents if they were stoned when they went shopping. They both said “maybe…”